Planning                        ‚ÄčImplementing                        Consulting                        Total CSR Solutions


                                                             EMPOWERING BUSINESS, PROTECTING INVESTORS

CSR is not a charity or mere donations: CSR is the process by which an organisation thinks about and evolves its relationships with stakeholders for the common good, and demonstrates its commitment in this regard by adoption of appropriate business processes and strategies.

CSR is a way of conducting business, socially responsible companies use CSR to integrate economic, environmental and social objectives with the company's operations & growth.

World Hope Foundation manages the Core areas of Expertise:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Livelyhood / Income Generation

Advisory services

  • Conceptualizing  CSR policy, strategy and defining, philosophy and objectives
  • Recommending  initiatives that complement corporate mandate, Conducting a needs assessment and recommending requirements
  • Monitoring & Evaluating the process and making recommendations to align them with objectives


  • Short Term Course Training
  • Medium Term Course Training
  • Long Term Course Training
  • Certification Training
  • Awareness Training
  • Capacity Building Training ( CSR Evolution, Concept, Strategies, Impact Assisment, Chapter 135 of Company Act & reporting and documenting, Monitoring & Evaluation)

Planning services

  • Conceptualizing CSR projects, Preparing an implementation roadmap and budgets
  • Selecting implementation partners, and defining processes and reporting framework to measure outcomes

Implementation services

  • Training the staff to execute our  mandate, Bridging the resourcing and expertise gaps
  • Coordinating the entire project by engaging with all stakeholders

Area of Operation

  • PAN India & International

Setting up corporate foundation

  • Define vision, mission and funding strategy ,& drafting a blueprint for executing CSR strategy
  • Recommending causes or social initiatives that complement corporate mandate
  • Evaluating internal process and making recommendations to align them with CSR objectives

Corporate social marketing

  • Identify a cause that leverages company’s core business, employee interests and marketing strategy Select credible, knowledgeable partners, Develop, implement and publicize the campaign in collaboration with the partners

Employee volunteering

  • Define the employee engagement strategy, Perform needs assessment that takes into account management priorities, employee competencies and interests, budget, etc.
  • Conduct employee satisfaction surveys to measure efficacy of engagement

Our Reach & Impact

         1.    Remedial education & skill development to around 1500 children

         2.    Food distribution to more than 28,000 people

         3.    Clothes , daily needs and essential distributed more than 16,000 people

        4.    Self defence training to more than 9100 women and children

        5.    Advocacy & awareness programs to more than 13000 people in slums

        6.    Impacting lives of more than one lac women and children

       7.    Distribution of Indian Special News – role of media in spreading ‘power of giving’ stories to corporate , industry & individuals.

        8.    Skill development & livelihood generation through product making for more than 230 women

       9.    Network of around 550 volunteers to actively run social welfare schemes and programs of WHF in slum communities

      10.  WHF model centre in Joshi Colony , Delhi and Seva Kendra located in Ghazipur , Gurgaon , Ghaziabad , Mahaveer Enclave ,        LNJP Colony , Lohegaon ( Pune) , Mongolpuri , Sultanpuri , Noida , Faridabad , Majboor Nagar, Mohhamednagar ( Agra) , Bihar  , Rajasthan   



World Hope Foundation Social Welfare Initiatives & Community relief & Support Programs  for Marginalised Children & Women in Slum Communities :- 

1.       “Rainbow - Center of Excellence for Underprivileged Children & Swacch Slums for Smart Kids"

2.       "Skill India – Million Smiles “ 

3.       "Safe Women, Safe India"

4.       "Health First - Health for All"

5.        "Dharti Bachao - Save Earth, Save Life”

6.       “Buy Greeting Cards & Gifts – Project KHUSHI”

7.       "Waste to Wealth - Million Smiles "

8.       "Indian Special News - Magazine for CSR & Sustainability"

You can support the noble initiatives by World Hope Foundation by being any of the following partners :-

1. Education Partner

2. Food Partner - Anna Rasoi - Food for All

3. Beverage Partner

4.  Entertainment Partner

5.  Media Partner

6.  Outdoor Media Partner

7. Health Partner

8. Electronics Partner

9. Mobility Partner   

10. Logistics Partner

11. IT Partner

12. Telecom / Communication Partner

13. Recreational Partner

14. Sports Partner

15. Clothing Partner

16. Grocery Partner

17. Stationary Partner

18. Eco Friendly Partner

19. Advertisement in Indian Special News, CSR Magazine

20. Franchise Seva Kendra

21. Health First

Certification Program - On Corporate Social Responcibility:

  • 3 Months Certification Course
  • Classroom Teaching
  • Field Work
  • Community Mobilization & Social Work
  • Project Report
  • Coverage in Lado Ki Aawaz & Indian Special News - Magazine for CSR & Sustainability