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MMJ Beauty saloon & Boutique

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Beauty Culture and Training

The object o runing this culture program is to empower the skill of underprivileged women so that they can generate their own income for sustainable livelihood. This will help them live a life of dignity and respect. After sccessful completion of 3 month's & 6 month's program, they will be placed in various beauty parlor's / companies as full time or part time beauticians.

Now a day, people are concerned about their appearance and pay great attention to their body, dress & makeup. There has been steep rise in People visiting beauty parlors/saloons/clinic for taking the services of beauticians for makeup, hair, face, hair colors and skin etc. One can find beauty parlors in every locality. This has created a great demand for trained persons in beauty culture. There are good employment opportunities in this trade. Keeping in view modern trend in beauty culture, this program launched by this organization under the guidance of Ms. Manju Jha , President World Hope Foundation, can contribute immensely . The said programme will include components like makeup, hair styling, face makeup and mehndi , & other beauty treatments to look beautiful.


1)      To provide knowledge & practice in latest trends in beauty culture and hair styling.

2)      Importance to type of makeup-: Eyebrow, shaping, bleaching,

         hair care/cutting/setting/styles/hair dye & stream, Mehndi etc.

3)      Removal of unwanted hair.

4)      Body perfection, massage exercise and yoga.

5)      Concern for health & hygiene.

6)      Handling different type of clients and mastering appropriate communication skills and solution of their requirement.

7)      Develop positive attitude, responsibility and accountability.

8)      Develop good working habits and communication skill.

Job opportunities:-

After training, one can be employed in beauty parlors/saloons/clinics to do the work related to makeup, hair styling and massage etc. One can also get employment for performer (artist) in theatre/studios.

Self employment by creating a parlor at her shop or house for bridal makeup and mehndi etc.

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MMJ Beauty saloon & Boutique

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Cutting, Tailoring and Dress Making


Name of Programme :- Cutting, Tailoring and Dress Making

Duration of Programme :- 3/ 6 Month

Essential training course :- 270 Hour’s


Introduction of programme:-

As a part of scheme, World Hope Foundation is educating the underprivileged women and children to become self dependent. Similarly under the scheme, cutting, Tailoring and Dress making have been included in the training activities launched under the guidance of Ms. Manju Jha, President, World Hope Foundation. Indian traditions girls/women belonging to underprivileged categories are expecting to know tailoring to fulfill the basic stitching requirement at home clothing as one of the basic needs of people becoming fashion conscious. Keeping is view the market demand of garments, the underprivileged children and women can participate in the programme as tailoring can be vocation for self employment.


1)    To provide knowledge & training in cutting, tailoring and Dress Making.

2)    Use of tools and equipment used in tailoring.

3)    Sewing terminology.

4)    Taking correct body measurements.

5)    Basic hand & machine stitches.

6)    Designing, drafting & pattern making.

7)    Layout & Fabric estimation.

8)    Cutting, tailoring and finishing of garments for children, Ladies and gents.

9)    Alteration, defects & remedies to fitting problems.

10)   Skill to construct professional looking garments.

Rules and Regulation for class

1)    The students registered in this programme will be furnished an undertaking that he/she will be regular in this class.

2)    He/she will respect the teacher in the class and obey the instructions.

3)    The training material will be supplied by the class teacher. In the event of non-availability of training material, he/she will arrange at her/ his level. This is in view of facts that the scheme is launched under welfare scheme to support the underprivileged children and women for becoming self dependent.

4)    Prior permission for leave will be obtained and absentee from class will be avoided.

5)    Any type of indiscipline, castism, grouping or any other activity in the class will not be tolerated, President, WHF shall have the powers to suspend or cancel the registration of a student without assigning any reason there of.

6)    Parent of student will ensure that the student is not suffering from any infection or desease.

7)    It will be the responsibility of parent concerned to drop the child in class at least 10 minutes in advance before commencement of class and take back the student after class is over. WHF will not be responsible in case of any mishappening before coming to centre or after leaving the centre back to home.

Job opportunities:-

After completion of the programme, one can get employment in garment manufacturing industries/tailoring shops/tailoring under the government and public sector, private companies, hospitals. Beside this one can pen his/her own tailoring shop or can do tailoring work at his/her own house or can take up orders work from factories.

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