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After having found tremendous success in the eld of business and strategy, Ms. Manju Jha also found a way to give back to society by empowering women by one way or the other. It is the mission of this institution to work on causes associated with healthcare, livelihood and helping deprived and repressed women. With a number of ongoing projects under the guidance and leadership of Ms. Manju Jha, this instate has been able to make an eminent contribution to society in more ways than one.

Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social or economic strength of individuals and communities. It often involves the empowered developing condence in their own capacities. Empowerment can be attained through one or many ways. An important factor in the discovery and application of the human "self empowerment" lies within the tools used to unveil the truth. It has been suggested that Yoga is one such tool that can be used for more than the obvious physical benets.
Our Projects:-

 Social Welfare initiatives by Lado Ki Aawaz Foundation for upliftment of deprived and neglected girls , women , widows , orphans , divyang , migrant labours and girls who are at high social & economic risk. 

·         Anna RasoiFood for Poor & Needy Hungry Children , Orphans , Divyang , Widows & Neglected Senior Citizens & Ration Bank & Mata Ki Chowki

·         Women Empowerment  - Mahila Bal Suraksha & Slum Seva Kendra & Gulabo – No Violence Against Women

·         Lado Ki Aawaz Magazine for Women Empowerment        

Gulabo – NO Violence against Women
Violence against women & sexual harassment is a major challenge for our Vgovernment. There is no doubt that the government has taken various steps in the past but somehow the numbers of cases are increasing day by day. In order to have better coordination with Delhi Commission for Women and National Commission for women, Lado Ki Aawaz Foundation is organizing self defense workshop and giving proper training to girls and women.  This organization conducted workshops, seminars, awareness talks in different areas with the help of the local community. The Delhi government has also given us a mandate to organize similar workshops at their schools. On the behalf of sponsorship given by Banks / Corporate ofces or Private establishments, such programs are being organized by this organization. This organization is also making efforts to set up a helpline so that the problems faced by women may be solved with the help of local authority without any further delay             


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1.Poor & Needy Hungry Children , Orphans , Divyang , Widows & Neglected Senior Citizens & Ration Bank  
2. To remove all the inequalities faced by the girl children of the society.
3. To make certain that every girl child is getting proper respect and value in the society.
4.To ensure that the girl children are getting their rights in the community.
5.To work against declining girl child sex ratio in India and change the people's mind  about the girl child.
6. To initiate couple's interest towards the girl child by increasing awareness about the importance and role of girl child.
7. To address the girl children issues associated to their health , respect, education and nutrition etc.
8. To propagate  gender equality among people.
Appeal for Donation,Support,Program Sponsorships, Project partners, Goodwill Ad in Lado Ki Aawaz Magazine
Kindly send your cheque/ DD in favour of Lado Ki Aawaz Foundation , Account No: 272810100012525   IFSC CODE: ANDB0002728 Andhra Bank, Patparganj, Delhi . All your support will encourage us to continue our honest endeavour to uplift the neglected and marginalised women , widows, disabled , elderly, senior citizens and those women rejected by their families and still not taken care by our civil society. You can support the programs run by Lado Ki Aawaz Foundation for women and child empowerment either by donating money , material , daily need items, support amount to help women start small livelihood programs etc. All your support and donations from corporates , governemt,  institutions, schools, colleges, PSUs, banks, embassies, business houses, politicians, industry leaders,  IT professionals, CA,engineers, architects ,lawyers and all those concerned about those who donot have enough to make the ends meet in their families , Your support will get published in our magazine for women empowerment - Lado Ki Aawaz, which addresses the challenges faced by common women at home as well as work place. you can also send in your stories on outstanding women achievements from rural, semi urban as well as urban slums from anywhere in the world.
                               Empowered Women = Empowered Nation 
is the mission of Lado Ki Aawaz.