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The hands that serve, are holier than the lips that pray.

The alphabet 'P' no longer only stands for Profit in corporate terminology. It also stands for 'people' and 'planet' in the social environment. People are no longer just looking at the bottom of the pyramid but are trying to make an attempt to preserve the environment and being more socially responsible.

Social responsibility is an ethical premise taken up by World Hope Foundation and fulfilling their duty to benefit society at large. The team is trying to maintain a balance with the ecosystem and for the welfare of the society. Youth of today, with an optimistic approach and a changed perception, look at things with a feeling of empathy and believe in giving back to the society. Read More


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  • Under Underprivileged Children Trip to Radission Hotel

  • Center for Excellence for Underprivileged Children

  • Senior Citizen Care

  • Eradication of Poverty & Hunger

  • Women & Child Empowerment